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7 Exterior Patio Design Ideas That Will Boost Your Profits

The advantages of having an outdoor patio in your restaurant are endless. An outdoor seating area gives you more dining space, which is sure to boost your profits. Also adding a restaurant patio creates a unique dining experience for your guests. So, if this is something that you’ve been considering, now is the perfect time to make that dream come true! And best of all, these outdoor restaurant patio ideas can boost the profits of your restaurant without breaking your budget.

Exterior Patio Design With Cover And Custom Lighting
Exterior Patio Design With Cover And Custom Lighting

1. Consider the Benefits of Adding an Exterior Patio

With the addition of an outdoor patio, it might be a good idea to implement an elegant outdoor waiting area. This is sure to attract more guests to your establishment! After all, it’s a great alternative if the inside of your restaurant tends to be too crowded or too loud. A patio creates a one-of-a-kind atmosphere that guests won’t find anywhere else. Your guests can step outside and experience all the joys of al fresco dining! Not to mention the benefit of being able to breathe in some fresh air, and bask in all that beautiful natural light.

Rustic Exterior Patio Design Theme
Rustic Exterior Patio Design Theme

2. Choose a Theme

Enhancing your outdoor restaurant design is always a good decision to improve the experience of your guests. Patios not only expand the dining space you have, but they also boost your revenue potential. And when designing this space, remember that it should be an extension of what’s inside. You might even consider the addition of an outdoor bar or a rooftop patio. You’re in control when creating these ideas. So try to think outside the box when designing your commercial patio.

Plants Design-
Restaurant Plant Design On Exterior Patio

3. Be Sure to Include Trees and Plants in Your Design

Transform your restaurant into a tranquil Eden with the addition of trees and plants! Not only are these green additions pleasing to look at, but they also improve the moods of your customers. Creating the perfect atmosphere for your restaurant patio is easy with the right plants! You can place them on shelves, create a plant wall, or hang them from the ceiling. This inviting touch will make any dining experience more unique and memorable.

Accent Wall Idea For Restaurants - Exterior Patio Design
Accent Wall Idea For Restaurants – Exterior Patio Design

4. Create an Accent Wall

Captivate your guests’ eyes with a stunning accent wall in your restaurant patio design. An accent wall shows off who you are and what sets you apart. Be sure to incorporate unique textures, patterns, and colors on your accent wall. You might even choose to use decorative objects in your design for your outdoor patio. Even if your restaurant is small, an accent wall can help you make it one of the most profitable outdoor spaces.

Restaurant Exterior Patio Lighting Idea - String Lights Hanging From A Tiki Roof At Night
Restaurant Exterior Patio Lighting Idea

5. Make Your Outdoor Dining Area Sparkle

Many of the best outdoor patio restaurants incorporate elegant outdoor lighting. So be sure to experiment with various kinds of lighting to craft a unique atmosphere. You want to create something that shows off your restaurant’s character and theme. And one way to light up that exterior space is by using string lights to create a twinkling canopy. String lights are inexpensive and provide a magical outdoor atmosphere. And be sure to also add lighting into your tablespaces and your outdoor bar. This will boost the enchantment factor while your guests eat their food.

Privacy Fencing For Restaurant Exterior Patio
Privacy Fencing For Restaurant Exterior Patio

6. Add Privacy Fencing or Screens Made From Natural Materials Like Bamboo or Reeds

Adding privacy fencing to your patio design will give your guests a sense of safety and security. After all, who wants to feel like they are on display while dining? Consider using bamboo or reed fencing and screens for the best results! Bamboo is a very durable and water-resistant material. This makes it an ideal choice for creating privacy fences and screening. And reeds provide a softer feel. Use reeds to create dividers and provide a more rustic look than bamboo. Either material will give you the privacy you want while working in harmony with nature.

Fountain Feature For Restaurant Patio Design
Fountain Feature For Restaurant Patio Design

7. Incorporate Water Features like Fountains or a Small Pond Into Your Design

Give your outdoor space the exquisite touch by integrating a water feature. Incorporate things such as a fountain, a bird bath, or a small pond. Fountains add that majestic ambiance by providing the calming sounds of running water. Or you can spruce up your outdoor design with a birdbath. So if you’re looking for some design inspiration, a pond is the way to go! Not only does a pond add visual appeal, but it also provides an unforgettable space for your guests.

Implementing any of these outdoor restaurant patio designs is sure to boost your profits. Remember to consider the added benefits, maintain a consistent theme, and select weather-resistant materials. If you need help creating your perfect outdoor restaurant patio, our design team has over 30 years of experience at RHQ Designs and can offer affordable solutions. Contact us today to turn your restaurant dreams into a reality!